6 Ways to Enhance Your Room with Designer Wallpaper


 6 Ways to Enhance Your Room with Designer Wallpaper

 1. Dictates style

While wall color encourages mood, designer wallpaper design does this and a bit more. Visually, it offers a direction towards a particular style. A damask print perfectly denotes a traditional bedroom just as a honeycomb one does for a contemporary dining room or an ikat one for a global style living room.

 2. Adds drama

Without having to invest in expensive art or lighting,  designer wallpaper is a great way to enhance a room design with a bit of dramatic “wow!”. Whether a marbleized pattern with shimmering gold splashes or a whimsical forest motif, wallpaper can really wake up a space through color and art.

 3. Covers doors creatively

Let’s not over look doors as surfaces with covering potential. Get creative by using wallpaper on door panels for a varied look. And those outdated sliding mirrored closet doors? Cover them with removable adhesive wallpaper like this orbit small metallic one as a modern alternative.

 4. Brings in nature

Adding an element of nature is not limited to placing a lovely fig leaf tree in the corner. Floral prints can evoke a colorful spring garden in the living room while a verdant fern pattern gives the home office a sense of calm. A favorite designer wallpaper, Seascape by Abigail Edwards, offers movement to any space.

 5. Invites accent walls 

Accent walls play a key role in enhancing a room design. Offer another layer of color and pattern wallpaper on a prominent wall, a niche, or chimney wall for added interest. Textured wallpaper goes above and beyond with another design element added.

 6. Acts as art 

Designer wallpaper itself can act as a work of art. Whether covering an entire wall or framed in pieces, this is a way to infuse a room design with decorative beauty. Customize your wall in both color and paper with paintable textured wallpaper like this one from Graham & Brown. Its bark-like texture will help bring a room design to life.