Do you know the reason why the wallpaper appears seam?


 Do you know the reason why the wallpaper appears seam?

1. Folded edges show seams

The worker is not careful when stitching, resulting in overlapping edges at the seams, resulting in obvious seams.

2. Warped edges show seams

The worker did not apply glue on the full wall, resulting in no glue at the edge, naturally unable to stick the wallpaper, causing the wallpaper to appear warped and cracked.

3. Overflowing glue shows seams

Glue overflowing from the seams will form irregular black seams if you wipe them with excessive force. In addition, if the plain wallpaper overflows with glue, it is easy to have residual glue marks after rubbing, causing obvious seams.

4.Dark wallpaper

The surface of the dark wallpaper is dark, and the backed paper is white. White gaps are easy to appear after drying, but the obviousness is related to the sticker level of the wallpaper master.

5. Wallpaper color difference

Generally, plain wallpaper itself has a slight color difference. If there is no serial number of front and back stickers, the seams will be obvious.

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