Preparation before construction before pave wallpapers


 Preparation before construction before pave wallpapers:

The life of household wallpaper is generally about 5-8 years. It is said that the wallpaper is divided into 30% quality and 70% installation. If the wallpaper is not properly laid, the wallpaper is prone to damp, mold, and bubble curling. This time we can learn what should we do before installation:

1. Temperature and humidity: The temperature should be between 15℃-25℃, avoid construction during the rainy season or weather fusion season;

2. Remove the wall and clean the wall: the wall must be flat, firm, dry and free of dust;

3. Acceptance materials: Check the wallpaper is defective or not, item No. and Lots No. are consistent. Glue is best to choose natural plant glue or special environmentally friendly glue.

4. The environment is clean and tidy: It is best to clean the construction site before paving the wallpaper, to avoid dust pollution, resulting in weak wallpaper, curling, etc.