PVC Wallpaper Application Instructions


 PVC Wallpaper Application Instructions

One: primary treatment must be clean, smooth, smooth, and then finished brushing the wall layer of liquid wallpaper dedicated to protect the wall is not easy to damp, played the role of alkali closed, so that after the replacement of wallpaper is not easy to damage the wall. To use wallpaper primer brushing special glue, glue the bottom again survived, remember not to have missed the place, brushing should be uniform.
A, primary concrete walls: the walls are cleaned, rested on the jagged cracks at the surface with a putty Calibrating the full putty, sanding smooth.
B, wood grass roots: the bottom plane to the grassroots level, no glitches, no exposed nail heads, full of putty Calibrating, polished smooth.
C, gypsum board primary:
(1) gypsum board joints to use caulking putty processing, and use joints with cement, the surface and then putty.
(2) To prevent the wall becomes surge wall fastness can be coated with a layer of wallpaper paste, a dedicated wall solution, brushing should be uniform, remember not too thick.
(3) shells vertical and horizontal lines, to ensure horizontal wall covering, flat, vertical, vertical, pattern correct.

Two: Use wallpaper paste glue.
A, proposed to employ qualified workers laminating wallpaper, cloth cutting knife is best to use imported, can be across the board clean, can not have clear-cut phenomenon.
B, using special glue is required to use wallpaper glue, in the unconditional case, the natural plant rubber or plastic can also substitute the Japanese.

Three: to be checked before the cut wallpaper. If defective, please start posting the best time to discover the two patchwork. Please note that there are defects in the case of compensation according to international practice can only roll wallpaper.

Four: wallpaper paste method
A, first choice is not very wide of the wall. Measure from the corner and began to slightly less than the width of the wallpaper 2CM distance, with the fountain to draw a vertical baseline, and then measure the ceiling to the floor between the wall height. Check the wallpaper pattern unit length, so that consistent pattern in the edge. Then, according to the wall high up and down more 5CM cut wallpaper, and the pattern can kiss prevail.
B, using the appropriate type of adhesive selected decorating material, according to the instructions on the preparation of packaging used. Wallpaper wall in the back and spread evenly suitable adhesive.
C, after the wallpaper glue, fold (relative to the plastic surface) placed 5-15 minutes (depending on different materials) was posted on the wall.
D, according to the vertical post baseline wallpaper, wallpaper should be longer than the length of the distance from the corner to the ceiling, and the Ministry is also in the corner margin. Post Second Vice wallpaper, pattern match and to be close to the edge, do not overlap the edges of the wallpaper. Recommended 5-10 minutes after the posting of roller lightly flatten seams, continue operating until the end.

Five: Gently wipe with a sponge dipped water spilled glue, wipe careful not to damage the wallpaper.

Note: The construction and description of flowers, please refer to the relevant instructions