The difference between mural and wallpaper


 The difference between mural and wallpaper

1. Mural and Wallpaper are two concepts. The mural is a custom pattern, which is made according to the actual size of the wall, and the wallpaper is a regular pattern; so the murals are usually used for part posting.

2. Mural can be made into wallpaper and pasted on the wall with a frame. It is a good choice as a porch. Wallpaper can also be cut into a certain size and made of a fresco to decorate the wall.

3. About material, wall paintings are mostly in non-woven materials and pure paper, but few. Wallpaper material mainly PVC, non woven and pure paper.

4. The size of the mural is not fixed because it can be customized. And wallpaper size 0.53*10m, 0.70*10m, 1.06*10m, 1.06*15.6m.

5. Fixed difference, the wall painting can be directly to the wall, do not need back glue, the first piece of mural painting is the most critical, must be vertical. And the wallpaper will be fixed according to the material.