The difference between Wallpaper and Wall cloth


 The difference between Wallpaper and Wall cloth

There are many types of wall decoration materials currently on the market, and wallpaper, wall cloth is the most widely used.

However, there is always someone who cannot distinguish the difference between wallpaper and wall cloth and their respective advantages. Today, I will introduce you in detail!


Wallpaper is a widely used interior decoration material. The history of wallpaper use can be traced back to ancient China, and it has been expanded to a considerable extent in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan and other changes and regions.


Advantages of wallpaper:

The color is pure, the pattern is rich, the selectivity is high, and the damage can be partially replaced. The wallpaper generally consists of three parts, the paper base and the ink are two of them, and the other part is classified by the wallpaper material. In terms of composition, wallpaper is safer, more environmentally friendly, and more beautiful than latex paint. Use advanced wallpaper with better material and longer service life.


Wall cloth:

Also known as "wall cloth/seamless wall cloth", it is a kind of fabric for pasting walls. It uses cotton as the base cloth and is printed or embossed on the base cloth. There are also jacquard or Embroidery is woven, and the patterns used are mostly geometric figures and floral patterns. It is a new wall covering product developed in China in recent years. It is designed according to the height of the indoor wall. It can be laid out as a whole according to the circumference of the indoor wall. The wall covering is generally 2.7 meters to 3.10 meters wide. Both are called seamless wall coverings.


Advantages of wall cloth:

Seamless paving and no stitching is the biggest feature of wall cloth, and it is also a major advantage of wall cloth different from wallpaper. The wall cloth can be cut quantitatively according to the perimeter of the wall, there is no seam after being attached to the wall, and there will be no curling, warping and cracking.


Wall cloth has the natural advantages of resistance to friction and collision. There is no need to worry about black marks or scratches due to long-term contact or friction of tables, chairs or other hard objects, and there will be no whitening phenomenon due to hanging calligraphy and painting.

Wall cloth has the effect of sound insulation and heat insulation. The special structure of wall cloth textile cloth can effectively absorb sound wave energy, reduce the vibration frequency and intensity, and this structure has a strong barrier to low-frequency sound, and achieves perfect sound insulation and heat insulation performance, even in places with a lot of noise. It can also ensure the leisure, elegance and comfort of the indoor environment.