Tips Before installation Wallpaper


 Tips Before installation Wallpaper

Before construction, carefully check whether the color number and batch number of the wallpaper are consistent. And to understand the type of wallpaper to be constructed, the pattern paper needs to be aligned with the flowers, and the plain paper needs to be constructed in both directions.


The quality of the glue will directly affect the overall effect and service life of the wallpaper, so you need to buy authentic brand glue or wall powder.


Dry paste, the construction method of applying glue evenly on the back of the wallpaper, mainly for glue-surfaced wallpaper. The wallpaper with cross cloth and non-woven fabric bottom does not need glue.


 The concentration of the glue is judged by whether a chopstick can stand in the glue.


When constructing pure paper wallpaper, do not scratch or wipe the paper surface glue, so as not to pollute the surface of the wallpaper.


Do not throw away the scattered wallpapers, so that they can be repaired and used later


After the wallpaper is pasted, close the doors and windows, do not open the windows within 24 hours, and let the wallpaper dry slowly.


When oil paintings or other decorations need to be hung on the wall, a “V” shape should be drawn on the wallpaper where the nails are nailed for later repair.


After the paper is pasted, the doors and windows should be closed for 2-3 days to allow the wallpaper to dry naturally. Remember not to turn on heating and other air-conditioning equipment, so as to prevent the wallpaper from shrinking sharply and causing seams.


In the wet season, doors and windows should be opened during the day to prevent the invasion of humid gas


Paper has a certain degree of scrubbing resistance, so if it is stained, it can be wiped gently with soap or other cleaning agents.


Wallpaper with uneven patterns can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner every 2-3 months. Just use the chicken feather sheet to clean it on weekdays.


Do not hit or rub the wall with hard objects such as chair backs and table sides to avoid damage to the wall. If you find small surface damage, you can use paint or paint of similar color to remedy it. In this way, the room decorated with wallpaper will maintain a beautiful and clean effect after a few years.