How To Choose The Right Children's Room Wallpaper


The right children's room wallpaper can combine the functionality of being washable and stain-resistant with a vast array of fun and engaging styles, colors and themes. When you're decorating a room for your child or children, there are some important things to keep in mind. The information below will help you choose the ideal wall treatment for your little one’s room.

Begin by considering whether you want to go with traditional “girl wallpaper" or "boy wallpaper." Some children may not be interested in things like that; some boys don’t particularly like sports or space travel, and some girls despise flowers, rainbows, or the color pink. Make sure the wallpaper you choose reflects your child’s interests, not the things he or she is “supposed” to like.

The next step in choosing the right children's room wallpaper is to take inventory of the room itself. Consider the bedclothes, dresser, carpet, rugs, and the general décor, and then select a wall covering that will enhance them. Decide which colors you'd like to include and any you'd like to avoid, and ask your child for his or her input so that you can create a space that is as unique and wonderful they are, and that makes them happy too. Narrow down selections that you approve of and that are within budget, and then let your child choose between four or five wallpapers.