Difference between pre-pasted and Non-prepasted Wallpaper


Difference between pre-pasted and Non-prepasted Wallpaper
The easy answer is that pre-pasted wallpaper has paste applied to the back of it. You can paste on the wall directly. Non-pre-pasted wallpaper has no paste on it and need to buy glue to paste so that you can apply the paper to the wall.
Why People Like Pre-pasted Wallpaper
There are several obvious benefits, buyer don’t have to buy as much stuff to get started and you won’t smear the paste on the wall when you start adding the wallpaper.
However, the primary disadvantage to pre-pasted wallpaper is that it tends to start peeling earlier than those papers where you have to apply the paste to the paper. This means that you need to repaste the room in a few years.
Why People Like Non-pre-pasted Wallpaper
While it can be a bit costly, a lot of professionals actually prefer this type wallpaper, because it lasts longer. It is as important to read the instructions for hanging the wallpaper as it is to read the instructions for pre-pasted wallpaper.
The best way to get right suggestion from sales people and tell them your requirement. You can also search online and ask questions in the forums.
No matter which wallpaper you decide, pls choose goods from the professional factory to keep a good effect.