The Latest Wallpaper Trend: Eco Wallpaper


 Just as trends are key in the world of fashion, the world of interior design has a series of trends too, especially when it comes to wallpaper. This year, one of the key trends when it comes to wallpaper that we have seen at Go Wallpaper is the advent of Eco wallpaper and its increasing popularity. Here we explore what Eco wallpaper is, why you should use it and the range of Eco wallpapers available to buy online.

What is Eco Wallpaper?

When you hear the term ‘Eco wallpaper’ two images might immediately spring to mind. The first is people wallpapering their homes with second hand paper items such as newspapers, magazines or wrapping paper. The second is of dingy off-white or brown wallpaper. Luckily both of those visions are completely incorrect when it comes to Eco wallpaper.

Eco wallpaper is actually wallpaper made from either 100% recycled paper or paper sourced depending on the type of Eco wallpaper purchased. The recycled paper used in the construction of Eco wallpaper can come for virtually any source but may well include old magazines, newspapers, cardboard boxes or office paperwork. Both approaches are environmentally friendly and both are extremely popular at the moment.

Why Should Eco Wallpaper be Used?

When it comes to why Eco wallpaper should be used, the main argument is a ‘green’ one. By using Eco paper made from 100% recycled materials, you are not only saving a large number of trees from being logged, but you’re also helping to keep the oxygen and carbon dioxide ratios healthy as trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen for us to breathe.  You are also saving the natural beauty of places such as South America where a lot of logging takes place. The advantage of sourced Eco wallpaper is similar as trees are being planted to replace those cut down and often in higher numbers.

Another reason to use Eco wallpaper is that you are stopping waste paper items from becoming landfill. Instead of going to landfill, the paper items are given a new lease of life as Eco wallpaper.