Good news for consumers: wallpaper parity era is coming


Good news for consumers: wallpaper parity era is coming
In recent years, domestic wallpaper industry developing rapidly, many wallpaper brand in decorate building materials market in succession.And the price of the wallpaper also fell back because of the growing competition in the industry, more and more people are more willing to choose when decorate wallpaper.Use the wallpaper will become the mainstream of metope decorate, in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, more than 60% of households use wallpaper.
Most consumers believe that brush paint is the most economical way of metope processing, because the price is low.The personage inside course of study says, however, and the wallpaper compared to the price of some of the latex paint seem to be a notch above, use for a long time down, however, the wallpaper is more affordable.
It is understood that the price of the wallpaper from several hundred dollars to several thousand yuan, according to the sales staff, "now the wallpaper to rationalize price, if you want to use the whole metope wallpaper decoration in the past, cost is several times higher than the emulsioni paint, for example, 60 square meters house the emulsioni paint of about 2000 yuan or so, if you use the wallpaper is about 5000 yuan, so the price of the rejected many low budget of consumers, but now with the increase in the number of species wallpaper, offers many different price options, use the overall budget price of the wallpaper is relatively reasonable, the consumers use the wallpaper are naturally more up."In addition to mid-range wallpaper, the price of a roll of wallpaper in about 100 to 200 yuan between, calculate by little wall paper do metope of 5 square metre, per square meter price in 20 to 50 yuan.If there are any big discount, some nice wallpaper, 10 yuan per square meter price even as low as the following.
As the "green decoration" has increasingly become the inevitable trend that decorate, wall paper also to the environmental protection material development.Introduce according to professional personage, non-woven wallpaper is currently the most popular in the international new wallpaper of green environmental protection material, it is cotton and linen and other natural plant fiber non-woven forming a wallpaper, do not contain any PVC, polyethylene, and chlorine, only when complete combustion of carbon dioxide and water, and that, when burned, no chemical element thick black smoke and pungent odor, adornment effect is very good.
The personage inside course of study says, time is 7-8 years wallpaper normal use.Need 2-3 years to besmear brushs emulsioni paint again, especially the frame edge hand touch, emulsioni paint is more easy to get dirty, but the wallpaper is easy to scrub.In the long run, the cost of both inputs.We have a lot of other low price wallpaper, designs and the quality is very good, the cheapest 8 pieces more than one square meters, is cheaper than a lot of emulsioni paint.
Industry experts said at the same time, as the wallpaper market towards opening and parity, some bad products also started flooding the market, when consumer is choosing wallpaper should be screened, the suggestion of choose and buy mature well-known brands and the stability of the business.
Big brand can not only ensure the environmental quality of wall paper, will provide customers with special accessories and professional construction guidance, prolong the life of the wallpaper and to optimize the actual effect of pavement.Secondly, high quality wallpaper products usually choose excellent pure wood pulp paper or silk fiber as base material, not only had no adverse effect to human body, and the effect of permeability and sound-absorbing coating is better.
At the same time, many consumers in their choosing wallpaper, not fully consider the wallpaper reasonable collocation of colors and materials.Experts advise when the wallpaper of choose and buy, listen to the designer or a professional wallpaper sales staff advice, not only for the present the design and color of wallpaper, but also to the whole decorates a style, color and furniture, adorn article collocation.Make wallpaper can really play a decorative edge.