Hang Wallpaper Method


How to Hang Wallpaper

Step 1 – Preparations
As with all of projects, it is important to be sure that you have taken the time to prepare everything that you will be needing to complete the project quickly and efficiently. Be sure that you have gathered all of the necessary materials that you are going to need. For the wallpaper, you will save yourself a lot of time if you pre-measure and cut all of the pieces that you are going to need. Be sure that you keep the excess in the room with you, because you may need to use these pieces to fill in any odd spots. Also be sure that you have removed anything off the ground that you don't want to potentially get ruined and that you have covered your floor in a plastic tarp of some sort. This will prevent any excess adhesive from falling from the ceiling and ruining your carpeting
Step 2 – Line Up Your Paper
One of the hardest things to do is to line up the paper. The issue comes from being able to make your measurements while reaching up over your head and maintaining your balance on your ladders. It is always recommended that you have a second person in the room to help hold the ladder and to hand you things to prevent you from having to go up and down the ladder repeatedly. So when you are lining up your paper, make sure that you get exact measurements. Always measure twice and cut once. If you do all of these in advance, you can have your pieces already cut and ready to go. When you hang your first piece, be sure to take the proper amount of time to line everything up correctly. For the best results, work from one point of the paper down to the opposite end. Do not try to press down the entire piece at once. This will create air bubbles and uneven layout
Step 3 – Smooth Your Wallpaper
Now using your smoothing blade or smoothing brush, you can work out the air bubbles out of the wallpaper. Start from the top and work your way down. As well, be sure that you are dragging the air bubbles out of the wallpaper from the center to the outside. This will simply help to ensure that everything is smooth and even. Don't forget to go back and wipe down all of the excess adhesive that may work its way out of the wallpaper. Simply take a sponge and wipe the excess away.