Hanging Wallpaper


1.Measing Up
  Us pencil to mark the height require and align it with a steel ruler.
2.Cutting the Drop
   Measure our the first length adding 15CM(6 in) extra to allow for trimming at top and bottom.
3.Matching the Pattern
   Check the next length against the first one to match the pattern before cutting.
    Apply paste out brush or roller until the edges.
5.Folding the Paper
    Fold the pasted sides together like "S" sharp,easy carry paper to wall.
6.Scrapering or Brushing on the Wall
    Use a wallpaper brush or scraper press paper against the wall.Brush down the centre.then out to the edges.
7.Trimming the Edges and Matching the Pattern
     Trip it with a craft knife.Hang the next drop,matching the pattern exactly.Wipe off paste with a damp sponge.
8.Turning a Corner
     Hang the paper to this line,adding 1/2 inch for internal paper.Overlapping the next piece with matching pattern.
9.Papering Around Switch and Socket
     Paper straight over a switch or socket,using a craft knife to make diagonal cuts.Press the flaps back into position and trim the edges.Wipe off paste with a damp sponge.