How long does it take to brush the base film to brush the wallpaper?


 How long does it take to brush the base film to brush the wallpaper?

1. Under normal circumstances, the wallpaper can be pasted after brushing the base film. The base film dries very quickly. After pasting the wallpaper, do not open the window for ventilation, so as to avoid poor wallpaper viscosity. After 5 days, the window can be opened for ventilation to make the indoor air Circulation, in order to disperse the smell of paper and glue. Otherwise, the smell will be absorbed by other decoration materials, so the smell will be difficult to eliminate.

2. There are many products on the market that have a similar function to the base film. The following two main ones (varnish, interface agent) are compared and recommended for the base film. Varnish: The varnish brush first penetrates into the base layer on the base layer, and then forms a paint film on the surface after solidifying the base layer. The smell is strong, which is harmful to people, and the smell is difficult to volatilize. Some types of varnishes will have color after film formation, pure white And the wallpaper with thin base material causes the phenomenon of base penetration, which can adjust the water absorption of the wall.


The specific process of base film coating

1. Prepare materials and bring the required base film and other materials and tools to the construction site.

2. Simple protection of the construction site, mainly the ground and switch protection.

3. Prepare the base film, and adjust the base film according to the stated water ratio.

4. Use a roller to paint a large area, and use a brush at the small corners to ensure that the base film of the construction wall is evenly painted without omission.

5. Use a rag to wipe off the base film dripping on the door cover and skirting line in time.