How to Install PVC Wallpaper


How to Install PVC Wallpaper?

Tips on how to install PVC wallpaper
First, we need to check if there are any cracks or unevenness on the wall. If there are, we need to repair them.
Next, we clean the dirt from the wall and cut the wallpaper to fit the wall size. Then, we apply a layer of wallpaper substrate to the wall and use glue to attach the wallpaper to the wall.
Finally, we clean up any excess glue and cut off any excess wallpaper.
How to choose the right wallpaper?
There are many types of wallpapers on the market, including PVC wallpaper, paper wallpaper, and wood fiber wallpaper.
PVC wallpaper is relatively fire-resistant, waterproof, and soundproof. It is not easy to deform or form water droplets, and it is easy to clean.
When choosing wallpaper, we should also pay attention to the type of wallpaper glue. We should choose environmentally friendly glue such as rice glue.