How to paste wallpaper to have the longest service life?


How to paste wallpaper to have the longest service life?

1.Preparation before construction:

①Temperature and humidity: The temperature is required to be between 15°C and 25°C, and the humidity is below 85%

②Removal of wall skin: only water-resistant putty and latex paint walls (different base film materials) can be used for wallpaper, other wood, plastering layer or powdered putty layer, and aging latex layer need to be removed

③Clean the wall: The wall must be flat (the error should not be greater than 2mm), firm, dry, and free of dirt. Before construction, the moisture content of the wall should be less than 6%, and the PH value should be less than 9. Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the wall dust

④Acceptance materials: check whether the wallpaper is defective, whether the color number and batch number of the wallpaper are consistent.

⑤Clean and tidy environment: It is best to clean the construction site before paving the wallpaper. At the same time, do not use other types of construction to avoid dust pollution, resulting in weak wallpaper, curling, etc.

2.Construction process

①Modulate the base film: pour the base film into the basin, add appropriate clean water according to the mixing ratio in the product description, and stir evenly to the appropriate concentration;

②Brush the base film: Use a roller (large area) and brush (small area) to evenly apply the base film on the base layer of the wall, 1-2 times, and then dry naturally for 24 hours;

③}Measure the marking line: Starting from one end of the wall, use a line hammer to find the first vertical reference line and mark it at a certain distance. Accurately measure the height from the top of the wall to the ground;

④Cut and parquet: Cut wallpaper. If you need to parquet, you need to reserve 5cm at the splicing place. The cut wallpaper needs to be placed in order. You can cut 3 rolls of wallpaper for trial paste;

⑤Preparation of glue: according to the product proportioning instructions, add water in portions and stir until rice paste is formed, and leave it for about half an hour

⑥Gluing liquid: Roll and brush the glue on the back of the wallpaper, evenly across the surface, brush enough on both sides, wait 5 minutes for the wallpaper to soften;

Wall paper: pull the glued wallpaper apart, start from one side of the whole wall, align the vertical line paper from top to bottom, press the wallpaper firmly from top to bottom with a scraper (pure paper wallpaper, foam If the wallpaper or surface has concave and convex shapes, sponge can be used instead of the scraper), squeeze out the bubbles, scrape out the excess glue and dry it with a damp cloth in time. When pasting the second wallpaper, fix the high position first, and then focus on the side of the first one. Edge-aligned

⑧Wallpaper trimming: Use a utility knife to cut off the excess wallpaper at the bottom;

3.After the construction is completed

① Material recycling: Don't throw away the excess wallpaper, keep it for future use for future repairs;

② Finished product protection: After the paper is pasted, the doors and windows should be closed for 2-3 days to allow the wallpaper to dry in the shade (do not turn on the heating and air conditioning equipment, so as to prevent the wallpaper from violently shrinking and causing seams).