Is there a difference between pvc wallpaper and pure wallpaper?


 Is there a difference between pvc wallpaper and pure wallpaper?

The use of wallpaper in office wall decoration has become more and more extensive. At present, there are many types of wallpaper. PVC wallpaper and pure wallpaper are both of them. So what is the difference between the two?


    1. Smell: Although PVC wallpaper is also a relatively environmentally friendly wallpaper, it is essentially a kind of plastic wallpaper. Open the samples of wallpaper, especially new samples, and smell the smell. The pure natural wallpaper emits a faint woody fragrance.
There is almost no smell. If there is an odor, it is definitely not a pure natural wallpaper, and PVC wallpaper can smell an odor.


    2. Different production materials: PVC wallpaper is made of a layer of polyvinyl chloride film on the bottom layer of pure paper, which is made by laminating, embossing, printing and other processes. Easy to maintain. Pure wallpaper is a kind of wallpaper made entirely of pulp, which has good air permeability and 0absorbs water and moisture due to the use of pure natural pulp fibers.


    3. Color: From the perspective of color, the color pattern of pure wallpaper is more realistic, while PVC wallpaper is not as realistic as pure wallpaper after a series of processes such as compounding.


    4. Thickness: PVC wallpaper is obtained by adding polyvinyl chloride film on top of pure wallpaper, and it must be thicker than pure wallpaper in terms of thickness.


    5. Hand feel: In terms of hand feel, PVC wallpaper has an extra layer of polyvinyl chloride film, which is harder than pure wallpaper and not as soft as pure wallpaper.


    6. Blisters: Soak a small part of the wallpaper in water, and then scrape the surface and back of the wallpaper with your fingers to see if it fades or soaks. The real pure natural wallpaper is particularly strong, and its dye is extracted from flowers and linen. All natural ingredients, will not discolor due to blisters. Nowadays, most of the PVC wallpapers on the market are PVC wallpapers. Consumers should be careful to identify them and not be deceived by unscrupulous merchants.