Precautions for pasting wallpaper in winter


 Precautions for pasting wallpaper in winter

If the customer intends to paste wallpaper in winter, he needs to pay attention. There are some operational engineering needs to be changed in winter construction, so what are the precautions for laying wallpaper in winter?

1. Pay attention to the temperature when laying wallpaper in winter

(1). Glue surface wallpaper: the temperature can be below 15°C, but it cant be too low. When the temperature is too low, the glue is easy to freeze and the viscosity will decrease, resulting in hollowing and falling off.

(2). Cloth-based wallpaper: the temperature must be at least above 15°C, and it should be placed for several hours to soften before construction. If the temperature is low, the cloth-based wallpaper will be stiff and not easy to fold in the inner and outer corners.

(3). Pure paper wallpaper: The temperature is required to be between 15°C and 25°C, not too high. If the heating or air conditioning is turned on too much, the temperature is too high, and the room is dry, which will cause the wallpaper to shrink and crack.

2. Pay attention to glue adjustment when laying wallpaper in winter

In winter, when laying and pasting wallpaper, warm water should be used when adjusting the glue, so as to improve the viscosity of the glue and ensure the construction quality. After the construction is completed, close the doors and windows for a week to allow the wallpaper to dry naturally. If the room temperature is too high, sprinkle some water on the ground to cool down and ensure the temperature in the room, so as to reduce the shrinkage and cracking of the wallpaper.

The difference in temperature when laying wallpaper in winter will affect the construction quality. Generally speaking, the minimum construction temperature is also 5°C. Different wallpaper materials also have different construction requirements. In order to ensure the construction effect, the requirements for temperature and glue adjustment are also very special.