Precautions for pasting wallpaper on old walls


Precautions for pasting wallpaper on old walls

1. If the old wall is a cement wall, firstly please paint the wall white, because cement wall is not suitable for pasting wallpaper directly, and it is not easy to block the dark color of the cement wall after the wallpaper is posted.


2. If the old wall is pasted with wallpaper, recommended to tear off the old wallpaper first, then make the wall flat, and then replace with a new wallpaper, so that new wallpapers have a good effect.


3. Pay attention to whether the wall is wet

Before sticking the wallpaper on the wall, first clean the wall and check the wall is wet or not. If the wall is wet, the wallpaper is easy to fall off. It is recommended to wait for the wall to dry before attaching the wallpaper. A clean and tidy wall will let wallpaper lasts longer.


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