How to replace old wallpapers


 The new wallpaper looks beautiful when home just decorate, but when they want to get a new wallpaper, how to remove old wallpaper?

 Wallpaper removal manner wallpaper material has a very large relationship.

1. Paper wallpaper. Paper wallpaper removal is the easiest. Wallpaper on paper, gently tear from the corner is difficult to tear off a portion, can be wetted with water, a few minutes before its invasion tear.

PVC wallpaper. If it is PVC plastic wallpaper, it can be really removed some trouble. We need toothed spatula to scrape the surface of the plastic layer, then moistened with water, penetrate into the inner layer, and then use a hair dryer blowing hot again, so that the wallpaper glue to soften and then cleared. 

3. The non-woven wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper PVC wallpaper and handled almost as long as the surface of the torn or scraped, moistened with water, and other soften the glue to be removed.

If you feel too much trouble to remove the wallpaper, you can ask a professional staff to help remove,about one day.