Shunmei Activity- winter Solstic


Shunmei Activity- winter Solstic

Shunmei wallpaper yesterday have a activity- Dumpling competition.

But what festival it is? It’s called Winter Solstic.

Do you know what is mean winter Solstic? What is meaning for Chinese people? Let’s we study it in the below:

The Winter Solstice, also known as Nichinan Solstice, Winter Festival, and Asian Sui, has two connotations of nature and humanity. It is not only an important solar term in the twenty-four solar terms, but also a traditional Chinese folk ancestor worship festival. The winter solstice is one of the four o'clock and eight festivals. It is regarded as a big winter festival. In ancient people, there was a saying that "winter solstice is as big as a year". The customs of the winter solstice have differences in content or details due to different regions. In southern China, there is a custom of worshipping ancestors and feasting during the winter solstice. In northern China, there is a custom of eating dumplings every winter solstice.

The winter solstice is the 22nd solar term of the "Twenty-Four Solar Terms", with the fingers, the yellow longitude of the sun reaching 270°, and the festival is held on December 21-23 of the Gregorian calendar every year. The winter solstice is the extreme southbound of the direct sun. The sun shines directly on the Tropic of Capricorn on the winter solstice day. The sun is most inclined to the northern hemisphere and the sun's altitude is the smallest. It is the day with the shortest day and longest night in all parts of the northern hemisphere. The winter solstice is also a turning point for the direct sun to return to the north. After this day, it will go back. The direct sun starts to move northward from the Tropic of Capricorn (23°26'S), and the northern hemisphere (my country is located in the northern hemisphere) daylight will increase day by day.

On the winter solstice day, although the sun is low and the days are short, meteorologically, the temperature of the winter solstice is not the lowest. In fact, because there is still "heat accumulation" on the surface, it is usually not very cold before the winter solstice, and the real severe cold is after the winter solstice. Due to the great disparity in the climates of various parts of our country, the winter of this kind of climatic significance is obviously late for most parts of our country. The winter solstice marks the beginning of the cold season, and the folks begin to count the cold days by counting nine.

We already study the knowledge about Winter Solstic. Lets we see Who win in the dumpling competition.