Take you to understand the little knowledge of wallpaper in one minute


 Take you to understand the little knowledge of wallpaper in one minute

1. What is the material composition of the wallpaper?
Take the most produced and fastest-selling PVC  wallpaper as an example, its main components are paper base,PVC rubber-faced and water-based ink. Among them, PVC resin is an environmentally friendly material that does not contain harmful components such as lead and benzene.

2. What are the benefits of sticking wallpaper?
Wallpaper can change the personality and atmosphere of the wall most conveniently and quickly, make the environment rich in action. It is relatively the most economical way to upgrade the environmental level.

In addition, the glue surface wallpaper is easy to take care of and can be washed with water, especially for uneven or cracked walls, which has a more decorative and beautifying effect.


3. Is the wallpaper breathable?
Rubber-faced wallpaper has been attacked by many people. One of the reasons is that its air permeability is not good. In fact, air permeability should be considered relatively.
As everyone gradually pays attention to indoor air pollution, after building the wall, the radon gas in it will gradually diffuse into the living room, and the glue surface wallpaper with better closing function can block the emission of radon gas, from the perspective of the permeability of the wallpaper in other words, the so-called "airtightness" has just become an advantage. Thinking from another angle, the ventilation in the room depends on opening the window for ventilation, rather than relying on the wall for ventilation.

The above is a little knowledge about wallpaper. I believe you will have a certain understanding after reading it. Regarding the choice of wallpaper, in fact, in addition to materials and air permeability, more should be combined with the characteristics and preferences of your own housing to make a reasonable selection in order to maximize its effect.