The benefits of home decoration wallpaper


 Many people struggle in the home renovation is affixed to the walls wallpaper or tiled? What the benefits of decoration use wallpapers, Today, Let Sabrina tell you if you are like wallpapers.

1. strong decorative effects: wallpapers, designs a wide range of design and color choice, decorated richly colorful effect, can make the home warm, and the Association. Improved paint formulation, wallpaper has now solved the problem fade. And environmental protection and tasteless, and install that. Very convenient!

2. a wide range of applications: the base materials as cement, wood, white walls are available, easy to maintain harmony with the interior color, style.

3. easy maintenance: high quality wallpapers, with anti-static feature, does not absorb dust and other benefits, local careless or artificially soiled, water with a little detergent to clean, easy to clean, and has good performance.

4. the use of security: wallpaper with a certain sound absorption, thermal insulation, mould and bacteria function, has good aging resistance, insect-resistant features, nontoxic, pollution-free. 5. the wallpaper has a strong decorative effects, different styles of wallpaper mix can often create a different sense of personal space. Both minimalist and the rustic, rustic or Chinese, Western, classical, modern, and wallpaper will outline a new feeling, this is can't do latex paint or other wall material.

6. wallpaper laying time is short, can greatly shorten the duration.

7. the wallpaper has a relatively good wear resistance and resistance to pollution of, easy cleaning and so on.

8. the wallpaper with cracking capabilities. Insulation Board on the performance of latex paint, whether it is added Dacron cloth or bandage, not long after construction completion, some cracks will emerge, wallpaper can very well play a role in around this shortcoming. As long as the pavement in place, they no longer appear tiny cracks