The wallpaper overflow glue reason !


The wallpaper overflow glue reason !

1. The glue is too thin

If the glue is too thin (inferior glue may also cause glue penetration), the water in the glue will pass through the composite layer with part of the glue and appear on the surface of the wallpaper


2. The glue is too thick

If the glue brush is too thick, too much glue will make the wall covering appear uneven. At this time, inexperienced construction masters will generally squeeze the glue to the edge for smoothness. During this process, the glue Because of being squeezed strongly, it penetrates the wall covering, resulting in artificial overflow of glue.


3. Improper use of tools

Use a scraper, not a soft-bristle brush. In fact, many wall coverings have construction requirements explained, but some construction workers did not care, or deliberately did not carry out construction according to the standard requirements. In actual construction, the glue on the wall cannot be completely in the theoretical state, so when the glue concentration is moderate, the glue will be more or less, and there will still be excess glue on the wall. The tools used at this time are a very important part. When using the scraper, squeeze the wall cloth vigorously, and the phenomenon of glue penetration will occur.


4. Improper handling of inner corners

When constructing in the inner corner area, it is best to use a small brush to remove some glue first, leaving only a thin layer of glue, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of glue penetration in the inner corner.