Wallpaper Common Problems and Solutions


Wallpaper Common Problems and Solutions

Problem: The paper has developed a rash of blisters.

Solution: Leave the paper to soak for the correct time. Check that the paper is evenly and completely pasted. Check that the walls are dry and unaffected by damp, condensation or efflorescence.


Problem: The paper has developed creases when hung.

Solution: Handle the lengths with more care, brushing each one down the wall first and then towards the edges. If creases recur, peel off the length and brush it back into place carefully to pull the creases out.


Problem: The seams keep lifting.

Solution: Make sure the edges of each length are thoroughly pasted. Use a seam roller to bed the seams down firmly. Size porous wall surfaces before starting work.


Problem: Patchy stains are showing through the wallpaper.

Solution: Wash down wall surfaces first to kill mould spores. Seal in water and nicotine stains by treating wall with special stain blocker before paperhanging. Spot-prime any exposed plasterboard nails.


Problem: Overlaps at room corners won’t stay stuck.

Solution: Apply more paste to relief and woodchip papers. Use an overlap adhesive to stick overlaps if using washable or vinyl papers, and use a seam roller to ensure a good bond.