Wallpaper Daily Maintenance


 Daily maintenance is very important to wallpaper. It is necessary to pay attention to the frequency and details of maintenance. Different seasons and climates, the method and frequency of maintenance are different.

1. Insist On Daily Maintenance
Wallpaper maintenance must be adhered to every day. Users should use the feather duster to sweep the wallpaper every day to avoid the dust
2. Pay Attention To Ventilation
In the wet season, in addition to applying moisture-proofing agents on the wall, doors and windows should be opened during the day for ventilation and closed at night to prevent moisture from invading. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent the wall from being blown by the wind before the adhesive is dried, which destroys the fastness of the wallpaper.
3. To Ensure The Circulation Of The Wind
If you use wallpapers, it is recommended to open the windows frequently to ensure the circulation of the wind. If the current is not convective, the house will be wet and mold will grow on the wallpaper, not only affecting the life of the wallpaper, but also the health of the human body. Brings a big threat.