What is the difference between wallpaper and textile wallcovering?


 What is the difference between wallpaper and textile wallcovering?

1. Material properties

The wallpaper and the wall covering are both composed of the base layer and the surface layer.

The wall covering is gauze as the base layer and the surface layer is PVC embossing.

The base of wallpaper is paper, and most of them are made of PVC paste.


2. Processing technology

There are many processing techniques for wallpaper, including printing, coating, embossing, etc. The patterns on the wallpaper are all printed by machine, with more colors and rich styles.

There are few styles of wall coverings, but the processing techniques such as embroidery and printing have a three-dimensional effect, which looks very advanced.


3. Market price

Wall coverings are a bit more expensive than wallpaper, you can choose depends on your requirements.


4. Construction request

During the construction of the wallpaper, one wall need several rolls, so there are fine seams between the wallpaper and the wallpaper, which requires high craftsmanship of the workers.

The wall covering can be designed according to the size of the wall, grasping the width of the wall and pasting seamlessly, there is no phenomenon such as fine seam, glue penetration, warping and so on.


5. Post-maintenance

In rainy weather and humid air, the wallpaper will easily become moldy, breed bacteria, destroy the beauty, and cannot be repaired in the later stage. It is better to change a new one.

The wall covering has good air permeability, can prevent moisture, stains are easy to clean, and it is not easy to be damaged.


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