Xi and Modi meet at Chennai for the second informal summit


2019.10.11, President Xi Jinping arrived Chennai for the second informal summit with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this meeting will further enhance political trust between India and China.

President Xi was warmly welcomed by the local people. The local people held high the photos of the two presidents and the flags of the two countries.

Xi Jinping and Modi visited three iconic monuments - Anjuna's Pen Repentance, Pancha Lassas and the Shore Temple, and took a group photo together.
The leaders of the two countries reached a consensus at the first informal meeting last year that differences between the two countries should not be allowed to resolve disputes. In the past few years, China’s relations with India have become increasingly close, and the volume of cross-border trade between the two countries has also grown.
We believe that through this informal meeting, the relationship between China and India will go further.