How to Decorate Room By Using Wallpaper


Materials and Tools:
putty knife
measuring tape
sanding block and fine sandpaper
wallpaper water tray
seam roller
sharp utility knife
plastic straight edge
wallpaper brush
framing square
pre-pasted wallpaper
Prepare the wall
1. Turn off the power to the room at the circuit breaker box, and remove any electrical covers. Cover the exposed outlets and switches with masking tape.
2. Repair any damaged areas with spackling. Allow to dry, and sand it smooth with fine sandpaper.
3. Apply latex primer to the entire area to be papered. Primer allows the wallpaper adhesive to bond to the wall.
Note:If you're only papering the wall up to a chair rail height, mark a level line around the room, and apply masking tape to keep from getting primer on the wall above.