How to make use of wallpaper?


 How to make use of wallpaper?


Follow these step-by-step instructions

• Loosely roll the printed wall paper with the printed side facing in Completely submerge the rolled wall paper in water(in a wall paper tray) for 10 to 15 seconds to activate the adhesive or use a spray with water and wet a lot the paper

• Remove the roll by pulling the leading edge out of the tray slowly glue side up

• "Book" the wall paper by laying it on the floor glue.side Up than folding the glue side against itself for approximately 1 minute (avoid creasing the paper when booking)

Note:this product expands slightly in water;for best results soak and book each panel the same amount of time

• Unfold the top half of the wall paper leaving the bottom half of the wall paper booked and position the portion of the top of the wall paper on the wall

• Once satisfied with the initial positioning unfold the wall paper exposing the remaining glue surface

• Using a damp sponge smooth downward and outward

• It is recommended to overlap seams 1 cm

Tip:Do not over smooth-bubbles smaller than the size of a U.S.Quarter (about 24 mm in diameter) will dissipate as the wall covering sets.


Adhesive Wallpaper Installation Instructions

1. Prepare the surface. Surface should be flat, smooth, clean, dry, and free of dust.

2. Use a tape measure and a pencil to mark where on the wall the paper will be placed.

3. Remove the liner at the back of the wallpaper. Remove a few inches of liner at a time and start adhering the paper on the wall.

4. As you adhere the paper on the wall, remove any air bubbles by pressing firmly on the wallpaper.