How to choose the Perfect Wallpaper


 How to choose the Perfect Wallpaper

The wallpaper you choose can make a room appear bigger, warmer, and brighter, and even can hide imperfect elements.

1. To make a space appear larger and the ceiling higher, pick patterns with cool-color backgrounds, such as green, blue, or violet. Soft cool colors suggest tranquility, while intense cool colors are fresh and dramatic. Warm colors -- reds, yellows, and oranges -- live up to their name and actually make people feel warmer. These are a popular choice in colder climates and also work well in north-facing rooms. The more intense the color, the more excitement it will give to a room.

2. Play with Light In a north-facing room, dark hallway, or windowless space, look for wallpaper that will reflect light around the room, such as patterns with light colors and those with metallic or iridescent inks. Also consider patterns with smooth surfaces, which reflect maximum light. Dark colors absorb light, making walls appear closer and the room smaller. Textured surfaces also tend to make a wall look darker.

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