Some Wallpaper Symbols


Some Wallpaper Symbols

1. Application

Paste The Wallpaper

Apply the paste to the back of the wallpaper

Paste The Wall

Do not brush the back of the wallpaper. Instead, apply the paste to the wall before hanging the wallpaper


The wallpaper is coated with pre-applied paste. Moisten the wallpaper to active it and then hang.

2. Removal Method


The wallpaper can be removed dry by pulling it away from the wall


The upper layer of wallpaper can be peeled away leaving the under layer as liner paper.

Remove Wet

Soak the wallpaper in water or a stripping agent before removing it from the wall. Steaming the wallpaper can also work.

3. Match Type

Free Match

The pattern is not intended to match when pasting.

Straight Match

The pattern must be matched at the same height each time. Usually accompanied by the length of the repeat in centimeters.

Offset Match

Offset the pattern on each strip by half of the pattern’s height at a time.

Usually referenced as measurement, for example 90/45cm – 90cm is the

pattern repeat and 45cm is the displacement.

Reverse Lengths       Turn every other strip upside down before hanging.