Usage of Wallpaper Powder


 Usage of Wallpaper Powder

Dilution Ratio


Quantity of cold water to use per sachet

Approximate Coverage

Thin Wallpaper


23 - 28m2

Normal Wallpapers

5.5 - 6.5L

20 - 25m2

Heavy Embossed Wallpaper

5 - 5.5L

18 - 22m2

TIPS: The above is the reference data. It can be adjusted according to the actual situation in order to achieve the best effect



Step 1: According to the type of wallpapers, choose an appropriate dilution ratio, and add an appropriate amount of clean cold water into the bucket

Step 2: While stirring the water in the bucket, slowly put the powder in the water. After all the powder added, continue to stir the powder for 1 minute to let all powder fully absorb water until the powder becomes viscous paste.

Step 3: After standing for 10 minutes, the powder will reach a completely gelatinized, smooth, viscous state. In this way, the glue is prepared. Stir the powder evenly before applying the glue.