Tips of wallpaper cleaning


Tips of wallpaper cleaning

1.Cleaning of ordinary stains

For the surface dust of the wallpaper, generally use a vacuum cleaner to clean it up. Do not use a wet cloth to clean up. This will not effectively remove dust, and it may leave stains

2.Cleaning of oily stains

For stubborn oil stains, soup stains etc., you can dip a soft cloth with diluted detergent, wring it out and wipe it off.

3.Cleaning of surface dust

For ordinary stains, use a soft cloth soaked in water, wring out and wipe to effectively clean up ordinary stains

4.Cleaning of color pen stains

If you have children in your home, your wallpaper may have color pen stains. For pencil stains, wipe the surface gently with an eraser; for watercolor pen stains, wipe with soapy water, and then dry with a soft cloth; for crayon stains, use a sponge to gently wipe off; for pen stains, use a semi-damp towel to clean