How to correctly paste wallpaper wall covering on latex paint wall


 How to correctly paste wallpaper wall covering on latex paint wall

1. Step 1: Test the firmness of the wall

Use a wide transparent tape (8~10cm width) to pull up vertically after compacting the latex paint wall to observe the latex paint carried on the wide tape.

①: The adhesive surface of the tape is relatively clean

Treatment method: Brush the wall base once.

②: There is a little latex paint peeling off on the tape

Treatment method: first brush the penetrating wall base treasure to reinforce the firmness of the latex paint layer and putty layer. After the permeable wall base film is dry, paint the wall base again.

③: Block latex paint

Treatment method: shovel off the wall and do it again.

2. Step 2: Punch the wall

For the wall that can be constructed, use a hole punch to drill the wall. Destroy the film on the surface of the latex paint, allowing the wall base film and wall base treasure to penetrate easily.

3. Step 3: Paint the wall base film

Paint the wall base film on the holed wall to better cure and protect the wall.

4. Standard painted wall base film wall

If the wall base film is not standard, it will leave a lot of hidden dangers to the construction. Therefore, before construction, we also need to inspect the painted walls. The standards are as follows:

①: The base film of the corner wall should be painted in place

②: Glossy from the side

③: Splashing water on the wall will not penetrate or watermark

④: There is no scratch on the wall surface with nails

⑤: Use a hardness tester to test that the hardness is 50HD or above