Why need paste wallpaper!


 Why need paste wallpaper!

Wallpaper is a trendy product with artistic aesthetics and individual style. It can change the wall style and atmosphere most conveniently and quickly, making the environment rich. The wallpaper is more embellished and beautified.

1.  Anti-cracking

In some dry cities, it is impossible crack when paving wallpaper, unless the wall is cracked as a whole.

2. Strong coverage

It has a certain covering power for walls that are not particularly flat or even with small cracks.

3. The color is durable

Paper-based vinyl wallpaper has strong antioxidant power, and the color is not easy to fade.

4. Resistant to scrubbing

Paper-based vinyl wallpaper has a waterproof membrane on the surface, so it can be cleaned with detergent, soft brush, etc. which is very convenient.

5. Functional wallpapers are health

There are many functional wallpapers, such as formaldehyde-absorbing wallpapers, negative ion wallpapers, velvet sound-absorbing wallpapers, etc. These wallpapers not only have good artistic expression, but the key is that they have extremely strong physical properties, which are difficult to achieve by ordinary decoration wall materials. .

6. Easy to replace

If you need to update the wallpaper, just uncover a corner of the surface old wallpaper and then peel it all off, leaving the paper base on the wall. If the paper base is firmly bonded to the wall, the new wallpaper can be directly mounted on it. In fact, changing the wallpaper frequently can change your mood, it is also an entertainment activity that the whole family can participate in.

7. Strong decorative effect

The wallpaper is rich in colors and also equipped with different texture patterns, and its decorative effect is very good. Moreover, the wallpapers are also designed by senior designers according to different styles of wallpapers for the bedroom, living room, dining room, children's room, etc. for everyone to choose. The pattern, color and texture of these wallpapers are perfectly matched. We only need to choose and paste it in our own home, and the effect will come out. When choosing wallpaper, although different rooms have different colors, you must grasp the overall style and try to be unified. This is the same as the overall decoration style.

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