Benefits of Self-adhesive Wallpaper


 Benefits of Self-adhesive Wallpaper

1. Easy to apply and affordable

Don't need to find professionals to paste, no need brush glue. Just peel the backing and stick to the wall. It is perfect for your DIY projects.


2. Easy removal

Removal is easy and no need tools.  When you’re ready to remove just simply pull each panel strip away from the wall leaving the wall surface intact.


3. A great option for renters

Dress up your rented space depends on your idea. Easy to apply and removable and doesn’t damage the walls.


4. Not just for walls

Explore your creative side by applying to stair risers, drawer fronts, landing table tops, drawer sides, refrigerator fronts, frame it for wall art etc.


So whatever design needs, self adhesive or traditional wallpaper, Shunmei Wallpaper Factory can help bring your vision to life.