Wallpaper VS Paint


 Wallpaper VS Paint

Although there is no lack of personality in modern home decoration, simple and generous is still the most mainstream choice. Therefore, the solid-color wall has become the most popular wall decoration in home decoration because of its versatile and tasteful advantages.

To create a solid-color wall, we are faced with the problem of wall selection. wallpaper? Or paint? Here we will compare from below point:

Environmental protection

Wallpaper: Wallpaper is the most environmentally friendly variety of decoration materials. It is not only harmless to the human body during use, but also does not pollute the environment during the production process from raw materials (pulp) to finished products. And the wallpaper adhesives represented by glutinous rice glue are all made of plant starch, which is very environmentally friendly.

Paint: The paint represented by latex paint is an absolute chemical product. No matter how the formula is improved, it will not get rid of the pungent smell and harmful ingredients, which greatly affects human health.

Aesthetic aspect

Wallpaper: Even solid-color wallpaper has complex and exquisite craftsmanship. At first glance, it is a low-key and versatile plain color, but it has classic patterns or textures when it looks closely, which perfectly interprets the low-key gorgeousness and good taste.

Paint: After the plain paint is finished, there is only a single color and a flat wall, which is boring and tasteless.

Anti-cracking aspect

Wallpaper: Because the house now has some signs of cracking over time due to ground sinking and other reasons, the wallpaper has a certain stretching effect, even if the wall inside is slightly cracked, it will not be visible.

Paint: If the paint wall encounters cracks, it will be more troublesome, especially the latex paint with a little color cannot be repaired. One is because the same color cannot be adjusted, and the other is that the old and new latex paints look very obvious, which seriously affects the home. Beautiful.


Wallpaper: Wallpaper construction usually only takes two days from the inspection of the wall to the completion of the paving, and the wallpaper and accessories are environmentally friendly and natural, and you can move in immediately after construction.

Paint: Although the paint construction process is simple and fast, it takes 3 to 5 months to leave the house vacant after the construction is completed, and wait for the harmful odor to evaporate before moving in.

Use aspect

Wallpaper: general wallpaper has a service life of 8-10 years and is durable. Of course, if you want to change to a new wallpaper, it is also very convenient and quick. Moreover, the daily use and maintenance of the wallpaper is also very convenient, it can be washed and wiped, and there are no other special requirements.

Coating: The painted walls are prone to cracking, discoloration, etc. after a long period of time. Once soiled, it is not easy to take care of.

Therefore, no matter in terms of environmental protection, beauty, or construction, wallpaper is the best choice for home decoration!