Home decoration, how to choose the material of latex paint, wall covering and wallpaper?


 Home decoration, how to choose the material of latex paint, wall covering and wallpaper?

1. Latex paint

Latex paints are water-based paints, not traditional paints, and are relatively environmentally friendly. Its raw material is synthetic resin emulsion, adding water, then adding various additives (thickening, mildew, antifreeze, etc.),
fillers (the latex paint has more texture), and pigments, it becomes a latex paint.

Advantages of latex paint:

It is easy to paint and dry quickly. After drying, it has a certain water resistance and can be adjusted to various colors. There are also many textures such as flat light, matte light, bright light, mercerized light, eggshell light and so on.

Environmental protection is better, latex paint dissipates odor and formaldehyde very quickly, and products with better use will hardly release harmful substances after a month.

Disadvantages of latex paint: Although latex paint is rich in color, it is weak in texture and visually monotonous. Although there are also latex paints that can make obvious textures and even patterns, such as art paints, but the cost is high.
Because of these shortcomings of latex paints, many friends who pursue texture turn their attention to wallpapers and wall coverings with beautiful patterns.

2. Wall covering VS wallpaper

The wallpaper is paper, the raw material is wood pulp, and the pulp is filtered, pressed, dried and finally formed;

The wall covering is a textile, generally has three layers, the lower layer is paper or non-woven fabric, the surface layer is a good-looking fabric, cotton, linen, synthetic fiber or even luxury silk, and the middle layer is the bonding layer,
which is a layer of glue to hold the bottom layer. Glue to the top layer.

Advantages of wall covering:

Appearance comes from the book, wall covering is a higher level product of wallpaper, and many performances are better than wallpaper, because it is a textile, the color fastness of wall covering is stronger than that of wallpaper.
In addition to the visual effect, the attractive effect and service life of the wall covering are also better than that of the wallpaper, and of course the price is much higher than that of the wallpaper.

Environmental protection: Qualified wallpaper and wall coverings hardly emit harmful substances. Even if the wall coverings use glue for the adhesive layer, they are still environmentally friendly because the amount is very small.
Unless it is a particularly complex wall covering, there are more adhesive layers and more adhesive layers, and the environmental protection type will be slightly weakened.

Disadvantages of wall covering:

Expensive, because there are small gaps between the fabrics, and the starch-containing glue is used to stick to the wall, in a humid and hot environment, the starch may become moldy.

After understanding the pros and cons, here are some important points to note:

Whether it is latex paint or wallpaper, the pollution does not come from itself, but from the accessories that need to be used:

Accessories for wallpaper and wall covering: base film and wallpaper glue, both of which will release a small amount of formaldehyde. Base film and wallpaper glue are accessories, and the environmental protection is uncontrollable. produced.

If you must stick wallpaper and wall coverings, you can choose starch glue and glutinous rice glue, which are relatively environmentally friendly. But pay attention to these starch-containing glues, and it is inevitable that there may be mold.

In the same way, latex paint brushing also needs accessories, which is usually called putty. It is recommended to use the finished putty powder of the big brand, and it can be used by adding water and stirring.
Some masters will bring unknown putty powder and add glue to it when they arrive at the scene. The environmental protection of this putty will be much worse. No matter how good the reason for adding glue is given by the workers,
there is no way to cover up the fact that putty is not good. .

Next is the price issue that everyone is most concerned about. In terms of cost: wall covering > wallpaper > latex paint, in general, from the perspective of environmental protection, wallpaper wall covering is not as good as latex paint,
but decorative wallpaper wall covering is worse than latex paint. it is good.