Self-adhesive wallpaper and non-self-adhesive wallpaper which is better


 Self-adhesive wallpaper and non-self-adhesive wallpaper which is better

1. Relatively speaking, non-self-adhesive wallpaper is better;

2. Wallpaper, it is a widely used interior decoration material. Because wallpaper has the characteristics of various colors, rich patterns, luxurious style, safety and environmental protection, convenient construction, reasonable price and other characteristics. But other interior decoration materials cannot match, it has been popularized to a considerable extent in developed countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan.

3. Wallpaper is divided into many categories, such as laminated wallpaper, coated wallpaper, embossed wallpaper, etc. Usually bleached chemical wood pulp is used to produce base paper, which is processed by different processes, such as coating, printing, embossing or surface coating, and finally cut and packaged before leaving the factory. Because of its certain strength, toughness, beautiful appearance and good water resistance, it is widely used in interior decoration of houses, offices, hotels etc. Before sticking, you need to brush the base film and sticky rice glue, and the service life is long.

4. The workmanship of self-adhesive is much simpler, and it is not the same thing at all. If you are decorating your own home, it is recommended to use wallpaper. If you rent a house or dormitory, you can use self-adhesive.