The Mid-Autumn Festival


The Mid-Autumn Festival

Dear Shunmei Wallpaper's Friends,

Wish you have a nice day and everything goes well.

Soon (on 10th Sep)we are going to usher in the Mid-Autumn Festival which is one of the four traditional Chinese festivals
(The Dragon Boat Festivalthe Spring Festival,the Tomb Sweeping Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival are known as the four traditional festivals in China).

The Mid-Autumn Festival originated from the ancient period(5000 years ago)and popularized from our Han Dynasty(2000 years ago),
now it is known by most of the people in the world.

Many traditional and meaningful celebrations are held in most households in China and other countries.
The main traditions and celebrationsinclude eating mooncakes having dinner with family,gazing at and worshipping the moonand lighting lanterns To the Chinese,
a full moon is a symbol of prosperity,happiness and family reunion.

Please refer to the attachment for the picture of it so that you can have more ideas, if you met some celebrations about it in your country,it would be highly appreciated if you could share us the pictures of them.

Last with all the best wishes to you and your family.

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