How to prevent wallpaper glue penetration


 Thin coating with thick glue is a way to completely prevent wallcovering from penetrating glue.

1. When preparing the glue, the ratio of water to glue should be appropriate. Take wet glue as an example, add water according to the ratio of 1:0.6~1:1 (different wallpaper thickness and water ratio are different). After the preparation is completed, the glue can be attached to the drum. It won’t run off quickly and can still be kept on the drum. Glue works best at this time!

2. Do not use excessive glue on the wall. Pay attention to the thick glue when brushing the glue. The glue should not be too much or too thick! When applying glue on the inner corner area, it is sufficient to apply a thin layer of glue, because during construction, most of the excess glue on the wall will be brushed to the inner corner, so at the inner corner do not need a lot of glue.

3. Slow work and meticulous work, workers dont be hurry after apply the glue, please the workers wait patiently about 10 minutes to start construction! The purpose of this is to evaporate some excess water in the glue. Doing so can greatly avoid silk-textured wall coverings or the phenomenon of glue penetration due to excessive moisture!

4. Appropriate brushes should be used for construction to increase the contact surface. The brushes with good flexibility will not squeeze the wallpaper vigorously.