Six tips for the use and maintenance of wallpaper


Six tips for the use and maintenance of wallpaper

1. Using the concave and convex surface of the wall cleverly, or choosing a less conspicuous location, will be a more labor-saving way, and it can also show the owner's careful thoughts on the home. In addition, wallpaper and wall paint can also be combined to make the entire living space richer and more varied.

2. If your home has stairs, it is most appropriate to cleverly use wallpaper to decorate the stairs with a lot of white space. The color is best to coordinate with the stair railing, and the same color is the most error-free choice.

If there is no cabinet in the entrance hall, the simple and practical stool and the matching wallpaper can add a lot of color to the living space. It should be noted here that if the wallpaper is pasted along the ground, do not forget to choose a baseboard with matching colors.

3. When choosing wallpaper for the bedroom, try not to use patterns that are too colorful, and should focus on creating a quiet and easy-to-sleep environment.

In the decoration of children's room, wallpaper can easily make the whole space lively all at once. Children's rooms generally have to take into account the functions of play and rest. For the same reason, it is not appropriate to choose colors with too high color brightness and saturation. Pure paper wallpaper is rich in colors, diverse in patterns, environmentally friendly, and has no peculiar smell. It is relatively easy to replace and is the first choice.

4. Wallpapering in the bathroom will be surprisingly new. Some people are worried about waterproofing. But in fact, even pure paper wallpaper now has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance. As long as it is not attached to a place where water splashes at any time, it is usually There will be no big problems. You can also choose non-woven wallpaper with good moisture and mildew resistance.

5. Wallpaper base film is a kind of wall protection agent. In China, the construction party is generally asked to paste the wallpaper. It is recommended to use the base film. If the wallpaper is not used, it will change color.

The service life of wallpaper using base film can reach 8-9 years. The wallpaper base film is an acidic substance with zero formaldehyde. The purpose is to neutralize the alkaline substance in the wall, so there will be a period of sourness after construction.

Brush the wall surface of the base film with sandpaper to make the wall smoother. Use a small brush to clean up the dust when sanding the wall, otherwise it will affect the viscosity of the wallpaper glue, and the phenomenon of edge warping will easily occur in the later stage.

6. Within one month after the completion of the construction, the indoor temperature difference should not be too large. If it is dirty, wipe it with a sponge dipped in a diluted cleaner. If the wallpaper is warped, you can use a wallpaper glue brush to treat the warped edge.

If the wallpaper blisters, you can use a syringe to inject glue, then gently press, and finally wipe off the excess glue.