New catalog 'Unique'


Unique is a refined version of wallpaper quality, choose deep plate embossing process, Imported gold powder and silver powder, produced by experienced factory masters.

Most importantly, the classic design of unique comes from the style of Italian design. The designer adopted a neoclassical style, to respect nature and pursue truth, Reviving ancient art forms for the purpose.
Especially the works of ancient Greek and ancient Roman civilization. Or solemn, or elegant. 

But the designers combine the current fashion elements, do not copy the classic style, Let the wallpaper appear in a new style, Exude a wealth, Warm, happy romantic atmosphere.
A room, you only need a wall to make the wallpaper change, this time from Italian design style, Three-dimensional surface treatment, more attractive, and make your daily life unique, So ,this is new designs collection name 'Unique'.
For contemporary people, wallpaper creates a unique style to decorate our home and business spaces.
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