Newest wallpaper from Shunmei wallpaper


 Shunmei wallpaper launched several new collections this month, include 0.53m width wallpaper and 1.06m width wallpaper.

1.06m width wallpaper:
The new collections include classic design, floral design and plain wallpaper. It’s very luxury, shiny and gorgeous, many beautiful colors can be chose. Our team of designers is led by the world's top designers from Italy, they have devoted a lot of effort to these new designs. They are committed to perfecting every detail. So from design, color to production process, these designs are impeccable.
0.53m width wallpaper:
The new collections are very cost-effective.The price is very competitive with the same quality wallpaper. And the designs in the collections are all hot sale designs. With our new designs, you can better develop your market.
Any interest, welcome to leave your information, we will contact you and send you more designs.
Some pictures for new designs: