Shunmei wallpaper and wall coverings


Shunmei wallpaper and wall coverings 

Wallpaper and wall coverings are already a relatively common product category in home wall decoration products.
A variety of colors, rich patterns and mild textures make the home have a different charm and style. So what tools do you need to paste wallpaper? Below is a list of wall covering tools for you.


Wallpaper construction is an art, and the required tools must be professional. The following are the conventional tools used in wallpaper construction:


1, gluing machine: paper, gluing. After the construction is completed, the remaining glue shall be cleaned up on site.


2. Wallpaper glue: It is recommended to use imported wet glue, not powder glue, and pay attention to the preparation method and the proportion of use


3. Blades: Different wallpapers use different blades, which can be roughly divided into large and small blades.


4. Roller: It is used when the machine cannot be used for gluing. Pay attention to cleaning and washing in time, and squeeze out excess water before gluing.


5. Cutter: In order to keep the wallpaper cut straight, a special cutter must be used.


6. The pressure roller: keep it clean, and must not be stained with excess glue. It must be wiped frequently.


7. Scraper: drive out excess glue and excess air bubbles.


8. Brush: smooth the surface of the wallpaper, do not soak it in water.


9. Protective tape: It is required to be light and thin and not to eat glue. Function: to protect the surface of the wallpaper from being polluted by the wallpaper glue.


10. Edge sealing glue: suitable for repairing seams.


11. Washi tape: Strengthen the connection strength of the wallpaper seams and ensure that the seams do not crack.


12. Glue bucket and water bucket: use them separately when applying glue and cleaning towels. It must be kept clean inside and outside every day, and the edge of the plastic bucket is free. Residual glue.
Residual glue and sewage need to be brought back, and cannot enter the sewer pipe of the customer's site.