Wallpaper Question and Answer


 Wallpaper Question and Answer:

1. Is the wallpaper really afraid of moisture?

Compared with wall paint, wallpaper has always given people the impression that it is easy to get damp and moldy, but until now, the mildew-proof and moisture-proof technology of wallpaper has made obvious progress, so don't worry about it. If it is not a long-term dark and humid environment, you can use it with confidence.


2. Will the wallpaper warp after two years?

There are generally two reasons for warping. One is the quality of the wallpaper or the adhesive itself, which is poorly bonded with the adhesive and is easy to age.


Second, the construction process of the master, first of all, the wallpaper needs to be well pasted, which requires several conditions.

①The edge is treated meticulously, the amount of glue is uniform, and the overflow is handled in time. Ideally, there is only glue on the back, and the thickness should be as consistent as possible.

② The size of the seam is moderate, not overlapping, and not obvious to the naked eye.

③ The drying process of viscose should be slow rather than fast. It is best to close the doors and windows and dry in the shade for 3 to 4 days.

Therefore, the craftsmanship of the master depends on luck. It is best for everyone to take a look. If there is a problem, it is best to rectify it on the spot.


3. Is the wallpaper durable?

The normal construction and service life of traditional wallpaper is 5 to 10 years; but the aesthetic concept is changing, you will want to replace the new style of wallpaper from time to time,

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