Four principles of balance, easy to get home fabric collocation!


Abstract: Design the beautiful room, rely on it! 
Soft decoration is becoming more and more popular in modern home decoration .
Soft furnishings refer to furniture, wallpaper, cloth art, lamps and lanterns, etc.
So what are the skills of indoor soft outfit collocation?
The four principles of balance are summed up!
1, Proportion and size 
In aesthetics
The most classic proportion is the golden section.
If you don't have a particular preference.
You can use the perfect proportion of 1:0.618 to divide the living space.
This is a very easy way out of the way.
2, Stable and light 
Stable and lightweight combinations are available in many places.
Stability is whole, lightness is local .
Too much soft decoration can make people feel depressed.
Too light to make people feel frivolous.
So in soft outfit collocation should pay attention to the combination of color light and heavy,
Coordination of shape, size and distribution of furniture ornaments.
And the overall layout of the rational improvement and other issues.
3, Contrast and harmony 
In the home layout, the use of comparative techniques everywhere.
Designers can compare the light and shade of the light, the color of the cold and warm contrast.
Material texture contrast, traditional and modern contrast, etc.
Make the home style produce more layers and more styles change.
Thus deduce a variety of rhythm of life style.
4, Unity and change 
Soft package layout should follow the principle of diversity and unity.
According to the size, color, position, make it and furniture constitute a whole.
Create a natural harmony and vitality of the unity and change.
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