What is going on about the wallpaper edge warped ? What should we do?


 Abstract: That is not the wrong of the wallpaper edge warped ,that is reason of the low quality wallpaper.

About the Wall material purchase, many people do not want to use wallpaper .
The reason is worrying about wallpaper curling.
In fact, this is a misunderstanding.
Firstly, let's see what causes the wallpaper to edge warped:
1. Grassroots disposed is not clean .
2. The wallpaper glue adhesive force is too low.
3. The glue is not dry in the shade .
We can find out from these reasons. The reason why wallpaper is warped is not inevitable.
Because the service is not in place. Or not all of the wallpaper will curl up.
Wallpaper edge warped is not the wallpaper bad .
But those low quality wallpaper and its service providers give us the illusion .
So, how to make can wallpaper not edge?
1, Choose regular brand wallpaper 
International high-end brand Shunmei Wallpaper.
2, Paving construction to do a good job 
Strictly speaking, wallpaper belongs to semi-finished products
Wallpaper should not be sold only goods, but "goods + services"
3, The late maintenance should be in place 
After the wallpaper is finished, the doors and windows should be closed
2 - 3 days of natural shade, wind through the house
A month with a feather duster to clean up the wallpaper surface, keep clean.
In case of wet weather, it is best to close doors and windows.
Give you the perfect experience of high-end imported soft package.